As you know, this year I participated for the first time in the National American Miss pageant. I had an amazing experience and am already looking forward to entering the contest next year. As some of you might know, I had to ask people for money to cover the sponsorship fee and cost of entering the contests. Sponsorship donations and ads are both tax deductible for businesses as an advertising expense. If you are interested in sponsoring me or purchasing an ad for next year's program book, please email me!

Now you're probably wondering why you should sponsor me and what I'll be using the money for. That's why I created this page! So I can tell you all about it. Now the first thing I'll need to pay for is the sponsorship fee, the overall cost of entering the pageant.

Secondly, I'm planning on entering the optional contests, including Photogenic, Actress, Casual Wear Modeling, Top Model, Spokesmodel, and Talent.